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Our Lodge

Sitka Lodge #1662 is known as "the friendly lodge." Here, you'll always be greeted kindly when you walk in the door, whether you've been here a million times or it's your first visit.


Our Location

Nestled just outside of the heart of town, our lodge is located in one of the most beautiful towns in the United States. Once deemed "the Paris of the Pacific" Sitka, is home to a bustling fishing and arts community.

The building we've inhabited for the last 60+ years used to be the city jail, and though it may still look that way from the outside, our works and parties inside speak otherwise.

Club Amenities

Lodge #1662 offers a few amenities to our members. Our space has a full service bar, a full service kitchen and dinning room that operates regularly Friday - Sunday and on special occasions. We have the largest dance floor of any bar in town, a bandstand currently set up for an in house DJ, as well as newly installed dance lights. We also have a new karaoke setup! We have a pool table and participate in a local pool league. We've recently transformed part of our mezzanine into a Kidz Korner with a couch and Xbox equipped with a Kinect. And to top it off we have free Wi-Fi for all members.

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